Desperation a flash fiction piece

I’ve found throughout my writing journey that writing flash fiction, or very short stories, is a great way to tighten up my own story telling. This piece was one of the first that I’d ever written.  It’s around 300 words. It’s meant to tell a whole story. I’m not sure how well I do that in these few words, but it is a piece that I feel I have done well on. I hope you all enjoy. 


“But, I need more money, Frank.” Josie said. “How am I supposed to raise three kids on the pittance you give us?” Josie motioned around the sparsely decorated living room. A threadbare couch sat in one corner.

“I suggest you get a job.” Frank’s voice was cold. He’d heard the song and dance before from Josie and he was a bit tired of it. She was always asking for more. More time. More money. More clothes. More, more, more!

“Please, Frank. I’m working two jobs now. I already don’t see the kids. Plus, how am I going to afford all of those tests they want to do on Emily? She’s sick, Frank. Surely you have to care about that? You have to care that your daughter is sick.”

“Working a regular forty hour week isn’t two jobs Josie. Goddammit, she’s my daughter and I do care. But, I can’t help you.”

“What about your parents? They have lots of money. They could help.”


Josie felt the panic rise in her as Frank turned to walk out the door. She would have to do it. He wasn’t leaving her much choice. She decided to give him one last chance. “I need more money, Frank.” She said as she raised the gun.

“Then you’re going to have to work for it like the rest of us, Josie.” Frank called over his shoulder, not even bothering to turn around. He stopped as a thought struck him. “Or you could rob a bank.” He turned and Josie saw he had that stupid grin on his face as if he thought he was being clever. The grin faded quickly, though, as soon as he saw the gun pointed at him.

“My thoughts exactly.” Josie said, a cold smile spread across her face. “Let’s go for a ride, Frank. We have a job to do.”


2 thoughts on “Desperation a flash fiction piece

  1. Ooh, totally didn’t see that ending coming. I almost feel like this could be the start of a longer work. Still fun as is, but definitely would make an intriguing premise for something bigger. 🙂


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