Historic day!

Today is truly a historic day and a win for equality! In commemoration, I’ve written a little something. Enjoy!

Rains of Change

Rain is lucky
when it falls
on your wedding day —
Or so they say.
But what about when it pours
Its blessings
and marriage is declared
A Constitutional Right
for every American?
The lines at the courthouse
undoubted long today
I would imagine.
Jubilations abound.
And the celebrations
at the Community Festival
aspire to a new level.
The world is sketched with rainbows,
or so it appears
when I check
my Facebook page.
No time for the haters.
Hush your nay says.
Negativity begone.
You are not wanted here.
For today is the day
that the rain came
and flooded us
with love.


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